Friday, September 3, 2010

A Ministry from the Heart!

Love from Lindsay Baskets were created specifically for "heart babies" and to give their families a sense of normalcy when things certainly are not. These little gifts are for the infants that have a congenital heart defect of some sort and require surgical repair in order for survival. These baskets are primarily delivered to the Pediatric Cardio-Thoracic Intensive Care unit at CS Mott Children's Hospital at the University of Michigan. Done in honor of our daughter, Lindsay, these baskets have been made possible by the generous donations of family and friends and with the backing of Hearts of Hope of S.E. Michigan ( To donate to the cause, please mail donations to: Love from Lindsay Baskets 510 Hamilton Rd Parchment, MI 49004

Contents of the baskets include:
- snap across onesie t-shirts (so that tubes and monitor cords can be accessible) I include two per basket
- 6-8 inch stuffed toy (some would assist in propping up ventilator tubes and keeping a pacifier from popping out)
-pacifiers (package of 2 works perfect!)
-pacifier holder (so that pacifier doesn't fall to the ground. It can be clipped to the t-shirt or a blanket)
-receiving blankets (for bundling or just for a prettier background for a photo than a regular hospital blanket) Nurses LOVE to change these! I include 2 in each basket.
-warm socks to keep those piggies warm! These kids have very poor circulation to their extremities. 2 pair per basket.
-precious bows for the girls and darling caps for the boys
-a special note from Lindsay!

To make it convenient, a registry at Babies R Us has been established and you may have those items sent to the address above. Registry #45405192

Please email me with any questions or to get more involved in this ministry !

Thank you and God Bless those beautiful heart babies!

The Dean Family!